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CT Scan & MRI Center

(CT Scan & MRI Center)

          Lardproa Hospital's CT Scan & MRI Center maintain premier national standards for radiology and imaging practices accurately, safely, and appropriately according to the professional career standard. Our centers offer precise diagnostic imaging and radiology services in with Interventional specialist team. 

Building 1 – 24 hours services for OPD outpatient & IPD Inpatient Department
        building 2 – provides services for IPD & OPD at 07:00-22:00

         For patients who need to meet with special physicians, we have professional radiologists who can provide Interventional treatments, and we have an on-call radiologist team provided for 24 hours.
Diagnostic Radiology Information
          • General x-ray, which providing x-ray for different parts of body such as Chest-/Spine/Skull (Portable)
          • Special Examination, which is the special examination of X-ray such as Fluoroscopy, which is the examination by using Digital fluoroscopy such as BE/GI/RP/HSG and intravenous injection for renal function, such as IVP
          • Ultrasound is the examination to see abnormalities by using  an ultrasound machine such as US.Doppler / US.Abdomen /US.Lower /US.Small Part (some patient checklist must be prepared to be examined by the specialists only)
          • Mammogram is a breast x-ray and Breast Ultrasound together in screening program
          • Computed Tomography (CT) is a computerized x-ray examination for normal abnormalities such as CT.Abdomen / CT.Chest / CT.Brain. (must have no food and drinks for at least 4-6 hours).
          • Intervention is a CT.Multislice (6 slice), a special examination, which the special appointment is needed to be performed with specialists on Biopy / FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration) / Needle, localization, or CNB(Core Needle Biopsy)
          • BMD (Bone Mineral Densitgmetry) is a test to see the bone density, and it will be examined at the lumbar spine and the hip by using  low radiation with World Health Organization Standard for the measurement of the tool.

           Radiography is the diagnostic services with radiation or other types of radiation to see the organs or parts of the body to diagnose diseases in the following groups.

1. General Radiography, the normal x-ray which is Chat, Skull, Arm (located in both building 1 and 2)
2. Fluoroscopy, the study continuous x-ray by using Fluoroscopy, such as BE (Barium Enema), GI (Gastric Intestine), HSG (Injection of uterine radiation into the uterus), IVP (Intravenous Injection to Kidney to see the function of the kidney)
3. CT. (Computed tomography) Scan 6 Slice can support – CTPA (Computed tomography pulmonary embolism (PE) ( located in building 1)
4. Mammogram: Brest imaging for screening and diagnosis assessment the details of breast and lymph node and it will be performed together with breast ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis
5. BMD (Bone Mineral Densitometry), which measures the density of the hip and spine by less value of radiation and analyze the processing in the computer system based on international standards (WHO) World Health Organization.
6. Ultrasound examination using high frequency sound waves to check for abnormalities at the abdomen, check the upper abdomen and lower abdomen. Some of the tests must be prepared as follows
     - Upper (No Eating and Drink at least 4-8 hours prior to test) 
     - Lower (should withhold urine for at lest 30 minutes prior to test)
     - Whole (NO Eating and Drink at least 4-8 hours prior to test/ should withhold urine for at lest 30 minutes prior to test)
     - Doppler, an appointment with specialist some organs must not consume food and water)
7. Intervention (Non Vascular), the Diagnosis and co-therapy in each examination such as
     - Biopy –  Liver, Lung, Breart
     - FNA – Fine Needle Aspiration
     - Core Needle Riopsy
Every examination requires specialist

For more information, please contact CT Scan & MRI Center,
building 2 (ground flond floor) Tel 02-530-2556 Ext. 2080, 2081
building 3 (3nd floor ) Tel 02-530-2556  Ext. 3320, 3321, 3322

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