IPD Danger in children

  • IPD Danger in children

  • IPD Danger in children
    Know IPD

    • IPD (Invasive pneumococcai Disease) is a disease caused by severe infection with pneumococcus bacteria. It consists of two major diseases: meningitis. and infectious diseases in the bloodstream Sometimes this can include pneumonia. with infection in the bloodstream, in addition, pneumococcus It is also a major cause of otitis media. and sinusitis as well.
    • Infectious diseases are common and have a potential for severe disease in young children, the elderly and those with certain congenital diseases. which may even lead to the death of the patient or have a cerebral palsy At present, pneumococcus There is a microbial resistance. or antibiotics that in the past used to work as well as penicillin making the treatment of pneumococcus infection And the length of the IPD is difficult to increase.

    Symptoms of IPD Patients
    The symptoms of IPD patients differ according to the type of organ that is infected. and age of the patient

    • Meningitis: Patients with pneumococcal meningitis have fever, headache, lethargy, and may have seizures. especially in young children.
    • Bloodstream Infections : Patients with Pneumococcus High fever, lethargy, low blood pressure And young patients may have seizures from high fever.
    • Pneumonia: Patients with pneumonia caused by pneumococcus. have a high fever and racers Symptoms of pneumococcal pneumonia tend to occur more rapidly than in viral pneumonia. may occur after viral infection especially the influenza virus.

    IPD diagnosis
    Diagnosis of the patient's condition and laboratory results.

    • Blood count An increase in white blood cell counts may be found. especially in patients with bloodstream infections.
    • A culture of cerebrospinal fluid, blood, or sputum will confirm that these diseases are caused by pneumococcus.

    Treatment of IPD Patients

    • Appropriate antimicrobial administration.
    • The choice of medication depends on the disease that is present.
    • Pneumococcal infection should cover the causative agent of each infectious disease which may be caused by other infections.

    IPD prevention

    • Avoid bringing children into the community. or unnecessarily crowded places.
    • Wear a mask Covering your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.
    • Wash hands frequently in patients with fever. or have a cold May help reduce the spread of pneumococcus as well as preventing the spread of respiratory viral infections.
    • Boost your immune system properly You can consult a doctor further.

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