Prevent scars better to treat later

  • Prevent scars better to treat later

  • Prevent scars better to treat later

    - Scars not everyone would like to have on our bodies. But the injury could not be avoided. until a wound on the body Even if we heal the wounds However, there may be scars left on the body that contrast with the skin. How to treat the scars will not fade Therefore, the scar removal laser scar treatment has become very popular nowadays.

    Type of scar

    There are many types of scars. But there are mainly types of problems which are.

    1) Hypertrophic Scar A high convex wound is a red scar that rises from the normal skin, but is still within the scope of the wound caused by injury or tear of the original wound. This type of scar is caused by excessive collagen production and is often not wider due to the original lesion.

    2) Keloid scars (Keloid) It is a wound with convexity and redness similar to a thick convex scar, but there is an abnormality that causes the expansion to the surrounding tissue until it exceeds the initial lesion boundary.

    3) Atrophic Scar . It is a scar that is deep in the skin. It is similar in color to normal skin color. It is often a scar caused by acne or chickenpox.

    How to treat scars.

    1) The use of scar treatment drugs such as steroid drugs, vitamin E or A-containing drugs, or Cepalin with onion extract, which is effective in treating scarring. In case of scarring, it is small and short.

    2) Using a silicone gel to cover the scar area for new scars to help reduce the expansion of the wound.

    3) Steroid injections on the scar area to cause the wound to collapse, but must be injected several times until the wound is dissolved and smooth.

    4) Surgery to remove the old wound and suture the wound again. This may only work for certain types of scars. by after surgery There is a chance of reappearing new scars 45 – 100%

    5) Laser to remove scars is the use of laser power To send through the skin layer to destroy the tissue around the raised scars to make it smoother.

    6) However, the best treatment should be treated in combination to achieve the most effective treatment, depending on the type and size of the scar, which cannot be completely cured with one treatment.

    Ladprao Beauty and Laser Center

    – Providing treatment services for scars that are embossed (Scar or Keloid) along with reducing and preventing scars from injuries. or after surgery (Prescar) with V-Multiplex laser to reduce And prevent scars in the area of the skin that is prone. scarring in at-risk patients Both caused by injuries, ulcers, abscesses or after surgery, which can reduce and prevent excessive scarring. Including the treatment to fill up the atrophic scar such as acne scars or chicken pox.

    Prevents acne and treats it later

    1) The capillaries dilate in the face (Telangiectasia), the red face from the capillaries expand abnormally (Rosacea).

    2) Red bumps caused by abnormal blood vessels (Angiomas).

    3) Red birthmark (Salmon Patch, Port wine Stains).

    4) เนื้องอกของเส้นเลือดฝอย (Hemangiomas)

    5) Wrinkles around the eyes and face (Wrinkle).

    6) Inflamed acne and redness from acne.

    7) Pitted scars.

    9) Bruising after surgery.

    10) Hair removal all over the body.

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