LASIK offers all options for eye treatment.

  • LASIK offers all options for eye treatment.

  • LASIK offers all options for eye treatment.


    1) It is an evolution in correcting abnormal eyesight including short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism by using the Excimer Laser machine at Ladprao Hospital. Ready to provide surgical treatment with the 4th generation laser machine (4 Generation Wavefront Laser), which provides the highest accuracy today.

    2) Surgery for refractive errors by using a laser type called "Excimer Laser" (Excimer Laser), which is a laser with a wavelength of 193 nm. Ultraviolet is a cold laser light.

    3) which only reacts on the exposed surface area not spread to the sides Or pass through the eyeball in any way

    4) It is used in conjunction with The instrument removes the corneal layer, approximately 1/3 of the total corneal thickness. Then shoot the laser to the entire cornea. Then shoot the laser to the entire cornea. and shoots a laser into the middle layer of the cornea

    5) To adjust the curvature, the cornea is then closed back down to its original position. All this together is a surgery called "Laser in-situ Kerato-mileusis" or LASIK (Lasik).

    6) which is a sure way to treat abnormal eyesight and accurate today

    7) Before receiving the treatment, the doctor will measure the eyesight to see how much short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and astigmatism are and examine the eyes in detail in the condition that the iris is normal. and the iris is dilated, the iris Check the amount of tears Check the strength of the cornea in general. Finally, the condition of the retina will be examined.

    8) All information The doctor will summarize and advise the appropriate surgical method for the patient.

    9) People who use hard and soft contact lenses must refrain from using contact lenses for approximately 7-14 DAY

    Additional Note.

    1) This type of treatment is painless. Because the doctor will use anesthetic drops before and during surgery So no injections are needed. or anesthetic in any way

    2) This type of treatment takes about 10-15 minutes for surgery per side and can go home immediately after treatment.

    3) This type of treatment has a very fast recovery time of only a few hours. It is normal. Most of them can go to work the next day after treatment. Generally, vision will improve immediately after treatment, but can be seen. It was clear when the doctor's eyes were opened the next day.

    4) This kind of treatment is very accurate. However, the treatment effect depends on the severity of the pre-treatment visual acuity.

    What is EPI-LASIK?

    1) It is a new tool that has developed a method through the surface of the cornea from the original method. This tool can cut thinner caps. and cut only the corneal surface without entering the cornea Makes the skin on the lid only thick 50Micron (0.005m.m.) is different from Lasik normal with thickness 110 – 160 Micron (0.11 – 0.16mm.) resulting in more corneal tissue remaining

    2) Advantages of thickening the cornea making it possible to solve the problem of very short-sighted people Because it can expand the width of the laser firing area. Resulting in reducing the problem of scattered light, making it possible to see at night better In addition, it does not cut into the cornea, so it does not cut the nerve of the cornea, reducing the chance of dry eye. This method also has There are some limitations, for example, after surgery, you may need to wear temporary contact lenses. because of eye irritation and more painful than normal Lasik surgery, the time for full vision is slower than normal Lasik correction

    Pre-lasic eye examination.

    1) The doctor will perform a detailed eye measurement, including a visual measurement in the condition that the iris is dilated. with eye drops.

    2) Measure the curvature of the cornea. and corneal thickness using modern computers.

    3) The doctor will do an eye examination. in detail, including a condition check Corneal retinal from all available data to summarize. and give advice to those receiving treatment

    4) Patients who wear contact lenses for at least 3 days for soft lenses and 7 days for soft lenses.

    Advantages of LASIK treatment

    1) LASIK is a permanent treatment for abnormal eyesight.

    2) Take time for surgery. and recuperation, wounds heal quickly

    3) Immediately visible after surgery

    4) No need for anesthesia Just use anesthetic eye drops. and no stitches

    5) Go home immediately after surgery

    Person who is appropriate to take LASIK Treatment

    1) 18 years of age or older

    2) Have stable eyesight for at least 1 year

    3) No corneal diseases, such as corneal dystrophy severe dry eyes and other eye diseases such as macular degeneration or physical diseases that affect wound healing, such as Sle disease, diabetes, or other diseases related to immune deficiency

    4) Not during pregnancy or breastfeeding


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