Treatment of abnormal eyes by PRK method.

  • Treatment of abnormal eyes by PRK method.

  • Treatment of abnormal eyes by PRK method.

    1) It's a safe and popular eye treatment before LASIK.

    2) because it takes longer to heal the wound There is more irritation following the procedure, so it is as popular as LASIK. However, how PRKThere is an advantage that there is no risk arising from corneal separation. which is one step in eye care with LASIK and maintain the strength of the cornea as before Found dry conditions after doing less It is also suitable for People who are needed in certain professions such as pilots, etc.

    PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) ?

    – is the basic method And the easiest to treat eye problems (short-sightedness, long-sightedness by birth and astigmatism) with Excimer Laser by peeling the outermost layer of the cornea (Epithelium) before the laser is used to reshape the outer corneal tissue to the desired curvature. for clear vision It is a way to permanently preserve eyesight.

    Person who is suitable to do PRK.

    1) People with eye problems such as nearsightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism, etc.

    2) PRKis an alternative for those who are not suitable for LASIK procedures. Due to physical problems of the eye such as thin cornea, cornea abrasions, dry eye symptoms than usual. Corneal curvature is not suitable for corneal stratification. People with a history of glaucoma Some of which have been considered by glaucoma specialists to be able to receive permanent vision treatment.

    Examination before PRK

    1) The doctor will perform a detailed eye measurement, including a visual measurement in the condition that the iris is dilated. with eye drops.

    2) Measure corneal curvature and corneal thickness with modern medical equipment.

    3) The doctor will examine the eye condition in detail. including corneal and retinal health examinations to bring all the information to be diagnosed and give advice to patients who receive treatment.

    4) Patients wearing contact lenses should remove soft contact lenses at least day for hard contact lenses at least DAY

    5) The doctor will remove the outer layer of the cornea first. then use Excimer Laser which Ladprao Hospital provides surgical treatment with a laser machine that can analyze light waves in the eye Wavefront analysis It is a laser which has a short wavelength in the ultraviolet level. And as cold laser light reacts only to the surface it touches, it does not spread sideways. Or pass through the eyeball in any way which the hospital has modern equipment Used to adjust the curvature of the cornea to the desired curvature, followed by wearing contacts to cover the wound. To reduce irritation after doing this contact lens also helps the wound to close and heal faster. In which the treatment process takes approximately 20 minutes. The wound generally closes completely in approximately 4-7Days depend on the individual When the wound is closed, the doctor will remove the contact lenses.

    Advantages of doing PRK

    1) It's a way to maintain strength. and completeness of the cornea as before.

    2) There is no fissure of the cornea layer. Helps increase career opportunities.

    3) The procedure is not complicated. It is also a standard choice for some people whose eyes are not suitable for LASIK.

    4) It's a permanent cure for vision.

    5) No anesthesia, just no anesthesia, and no stitches.

    6) Less problems with dry eyes after LASIK.

    7) You can go home immediately after the surgery.

    PRK with increasing quality of life

    1) Open the freedom of vision Reduce dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

    2) To provide opportunities for some occupations such as pilots, flight attendants, soldiers, police, etc.

    3) Increase convenience in life Don't worry about the glasses. or contact lenses

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