What is retinal degeneration?

  • What is retinal degeneration?

  • What is retinal degeneration?

    • Macular degeneration is a group of diseases caused by deterioration in the retina. As a result of aging, it is a major cause of loss of vision in the elderly. Today, the world population is aging. It is found to be an increasing public health problem. It is estimated that retinal degeneration is common.More than half of the causes of blindness (54%), retinal degeneration, is common in people over 50 years of age. Therefore, it is often called Age-related Macular Degeneration or AMD.

    Types of optic nerve centers
    There are two types of optic nerve centers.

    • Approximately 90 percent of Dry AMD is diagnosed with slow vision loss. Macula's disease causes reduced vision and slow vision. Some may develop into Wet AMD, so patients with significantly reduced vision should be examined.With a medical janitor.
    • Between 10-15 percent of the cases of Wet AMD are diagnosed with acute vision loss and a major cause of blindness. Blindness is caused by abnormal blood vessels growing under the retina and RPE layers, which are vulnerable and easily ruptured, blood leaks and vascular fluids, scarring and retinal.Swelling. Patients begin to see the diaphragm and experience rapid and acute vision loss. Therefore, patients with acute vision should see a physician immediately, which can maintain better vision than it has been for a long time.

    What are the risk factors for retinal degeneration?
    Risk factors influencing the development of retinal degeneration are as follows:

    • age more common in people over 50.
    • Genetics found that 50 percent of patients will have a family history.
    • Race, gender, the incidence of the disease is higher in whites and females than in males.
    • Cigarettes There is evidence that smoking Smokers are more likely to develop the disease up to 10 years earlier than non-smokers, and in particular smokers with a family history are up to 30 times more likely.

    Initial symptoms of retinal degeneration.

    • have distorted images see a straight line as a broken line.
    • have visual impairment or reading books that require more detailed work than usual.
    • There is no central part of the image.
    • Visual impairment requires more light, less vision, not in the middle of the line, less color vision.

    Recommendations to reduce the chance of disease.

    • have a retinal and retinal examination.
    • Refrain from smoking.
    • Weight control and exercise.
    • Eat Antioxidants and Zinc.
    • Protect eyes from sunlight.
    • Eat all 5 food groups.
    • For the treatment of Wet AMD, the treatment aims to destroy new blood vessels that break easily, cause bleeding or reduce vision. Currently, there is no treatment that can provide the same level of vision when treating to slow down vision loss.

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