5 poses to relieve fatigue behind the wheel

  • 5 poses to relieve fatigue behind the wheel

  • When driving long distances

    • This may cause fatigue, which is another problem that needs to be found. If left at risk of accidents, drivers should keep their seats in good health by adjusting the seat to the right position. After leaning, they should not be too far away or too close to the steering wheel because they can't bend or lean.Stretching his arms and knees, driving the wrong car.

    • It may cause back pain for a long time and does not properly prevent it, making it risk permanent back pain.

    The driver should manage the body in 5 simple ways as follows :

    • Position 1 (stretching pose to relax the muscles of the supine forearm Pull your left palm towards yourself and feel tight. Hold for 10-30 seconds, then do it again)

    • Position 2 (stretching the muscles under the upper arms Start by raising your right arm and making your elbow parallel to the floor. perpendicular to the body Use your left hand to hold your right elbow. Then push back with force. Count 1-5, then shuffle to the side. Repeat 5 times, lifting the shoulder blades up and down)

    • Position 3 (shoulder stretching pose) can be done by sitting and stretching and squeezing the shoulders. Lift your arms up towards your ears and hold for a count of 1-2, then bring them down. Repeat 5 times)

    • Position 4 (Twisting position, sitting and straightening up. Hand holding the edge of the seat Left hand under right leg Twist and hold, count 1-5 times, switch sides, do about 5 times)

    • Position 5 (foot exercises Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. Lift your feet off the floor. Stretch your toes as far as possible. Then wiggle your toes up and down, do it 5 times, then switch left and right. will help relieve fatigue)



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