6 summer diseases that can be prevented

  • 6 summer diseases that can be prevented

  • 6 summer diseases that can be prevented

    - Summer: Hot and dry weather is perfect for growing germs, especially bacteria. in areas where drinking water is scarce, where there is a high risk of food and waterborne diseases, we should be especially careful about food and drinking water.

    - Prevention of six diseases in summer: fecal diarrhea, food poisoning, dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera and rabies. We should be careful about food cleanliness, ice, drinking water, tap water, fresh markets and sanitary toilets.

    - Most of the causes of illness are drinking water, unclean food, and food waste, especially gastrointestinal diseases and rabies.

    This summer, there are the following diseases to be careful about.

    1) Diarrhea

    - It is caused by a variety of infections, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, which are easily contaminated in hot weather. Combined with unsanitary conditions, diarrhea can occur in summer, particularly in communities. Some bacteria cause severe diarrhea, dehydration, diarrhea.Non-violent treatment can be done on its own with mineral salts and drinking water, but it is not recommended to buy antibiotics for yourself. Consult a doctor.

    2) Food poisoning

    - Among the most common gastrointestinal diseases in the summer, it is caused by eating contaminated food caused by infectious diseases such as staphylococcus and bacillus, which are often resistant to heat. It is common in hot-cooked rice, but if the ingredients are sour before cooking.Toxins such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever or pain, fatigue, and diarrhea from heat-resistant toxins.

    3) Dysentery

    - It is caused by bacteria entering the body through ingestion such as food, contaminated water, raw food, or fly food. Therefore, any adult with dysentery can suffer from dysentery. The patient later develops fever, fluid transfer, and headaches, nausea, vomiting, and vomiting.Diarrhea can be cured within five to seven days. People who have not taken the medication, but some of them may experience relapse.

    4) Typhoid fever

    - Smallpox, contaminated like other diseases, most foods that are found to cause diseases include dairy products, shellfish, eggs, meat, water. Patients with this disease, first week fever is not high, may experience headaches, fatigue, fatigue, fatigue, fatigue, shortness of breath, depression and delirium.

    5) Cholera

    - It is a contagious disease caused by bacteria entering the body through food and contaminated water. Germs will cause toxic reactions to small intestine tissue, causing severe diarrhea. Rice-sauce feces, if not treated immediately, can be fatal this summer. Eat and Clean water, not sour food or cook food.Those who need fresh food, such as seafood, should be careful about contamination of formalin. If unsure, they should not be taken. Don't drink all alcoholic beverages because the hotter the weather, the higher the absorption of alcohol, the higher the body will be able to absorb, pee frequently, dehydrate and sugar in the bloodstream. Keep exercising regularly, get enough rest, and drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy.

    6) Diseases caused by pets

    - It can cause rabies or water phobia. It causes fatalities from this disease every year. The main carrier of the rabies virus is the rabies virus, which can bite or lick the skin of the wounded. When symptoms appear, the rabies virus will all die for your safety and people around you and reduce the risk of dog bites.

    สามารถป้องกันได้ 5 heart problems:

    - Don't provoke dogs or animals to anger.

    - Don't step on the tail, head, legs, and easily scare dogs or animals into eating.

    - Do not separate dogs or animals that are biting each other with their bare hands.

    - Don't leave or get close to dogs or animals that don't know or have no owners.

    In case of being bitten by a dog

    - Must behave properly by washing the wound thoroughly with soap and water. Detain the animal for 10 days. See a doctor or public health official. To receive the correct rabies vaccination



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