6 Food sources against the fl

  • 6 Food sources against the fl

  • The weather changes a lot these days?

    – During this period, the weather changes often, hot, cold, or the season has a big change. People tend to get sick often with the flu. There will be symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, but must be careful because of the latter. The flu is not an ordinary fever, but a "flu virus" that can be fatal. So let's try to get to know how the flu is different from the common cold. What is the cause? And what are the symptoms, along with recommending 6 food sources against influenza? Guarantee that after eating, you will recover quickly as follows

    – Ginger: will help to reduce food. and prevent colds May be brewed as tea. to help the respiratory system work more fluidly

    – Spicy food and spices: will help reduce nasal congestion, clearer breathing.

    – Garlic: Helps reduce cold symptoms. Will be added to food or chewed fresh a day 1 – 2 petals

    – Hot Chicken Soup: Helps reduce nasal congestion. and also provide energy and protein to the body

    - Drink plenty of water: Instead of coffee, soft drinks, or sweet drinks.

    - Food source Vitamin C : It increases immunity, reduces the risk of colds.

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