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“Aiming for medical excellence in providing treatment for all facial and body health problems enhancing beauty for healthy skin and treatment of skin diseases various scars by doctors who have experience in laser and beauty with modern technology ”

Ladprao Beauty and Laser Center

Providing skin care, beauty care, prevention and treatment of skin diseases. With a combination of advanced technology of laser machines, radio waves, ultrasound waves, fillers, Botox and cosmetic surgery. With a team of doctors who have experience in laser and beauty You can trust in the treatment that clearly sees the results and is effective. with care and attention in every details of treatment for you to own beautiful skin healthy skin shine bright.

Laser and beauty services

– Analyze facial skin condition with modern tools

– Follow up on treatment results with photos before and after treatment

– Treatment of inflamed acne, redness, black marks, acne scars, both pitted and convex types

– Treatment of capillaries that expand abnormally Varicose veins on the face and legs

– Reduce and prevent scars from injuries or after surgery.

– Treatment of keloid scars (Keloid)

– Treatment of pitted scars

– Treatment of red birthmarks and congenital capillary tumors

- Treatment of blemishes, blemishes, veins, dark spots, dark spots from inflammation

- Treat freckles, fleas, flesh freckles, fat birthmarks, stone acne, fat pads around the eyes

– Treatment of black birthmarks and tattoos

– Treatment of wrinkles, fine lines and large pores from skin conditions that deteriorate with age

- Treatment of cracked, rough, uneven skin problems

– Treat sagging skin around the cheeks, neck, under the chin, chest, arms, thighs and abdomen to be firmer and more flexible.

– Remove hair from all parts of the body

– Get rid of excess fat only on the face, under the chin, arms, abdomen, thighs and other parts of the body.

- Filler and Botox injections

– Surgery for fat bags under the lower eyes with laser

State-of-the-art tools and technology available

Facial skin analyzer

– It is a tool that uses modern technology. Helps in analyzing and inspecting facial skin in detail by reporting results. Makes us understand the real skin condition and skin problems. Helping doctors to give advice and specific consultations for treatments and beauty procedures on point and can be used to monitor the condition of skin regeneration after treatment effectively

skin analysis results

- Dark spots on the top of the skin (Spots)

- abnormal accumulation of melanin under the skin that cannot be seen with the naked eye (UV spots)

- Accumulation of melanin on the skin and under the skin (Brown spots)

- Redness from inflammation and abnormal varicose veins (Red area)

- Enlarged pores, rough skin (Pores)

- Wrinkles (Wrinkles)

- Skin smoothness (Texture)

- Measure the amount of bacteria that cause acne (Porphyrin)

Spectra 4

– It is a laser machine with light waves. types of pure nano lasers, which have the ability to destroy melanin pigments at the superficial and deep skin levels Helps to treat a variety of skin problems from pigmentation. and also specifically removes toner particles Adjust the skin condition to make the face white and clear. Stimulates the creation of collagen under the skin. Tighten the pores to make the skin look smoother. Reduce redness from acne. and abnormal capillaries

Highlights in the treatment

- Blemishes, blemishes, blood vessels, freckles

- Adjust the skin condition to make the face white and clear.

- Tighten pores to make the skin look smoother.

– Stimulates the creation of collagen under the skin. make you look younger

– Remove black, blue and brown tattoos. to blend in close to the original skin color

– Treatment of Ota birthmarks, Hori birthmarks and Hair birthmarks

- Inflamed acne, red spots, black spots from acne

– Red face from dilated capillaries

Treatment method

– “Freckles” need to be treated 1-2 times, “Melasma” needs to be treated continuously every 2-4 weeks, for tattoo removal needs to be treated continuously every 4-6 weeks. The number of treatments is required, please consult the center's doctor.Symptoms after

– Light pink skin and disappear with in 6-12 hours. Some cases have red and slightly dry skin for 1-2 days. Can wear makeup as usual. For the treatment of freckles, birthmarks, tattoos, in some cases, there may be scabs in the treated area for 5-10 DAY

Service charge

– For the treatment of blemishes, freckles, dark spots caused by acne, 3,000 – 10,000baht/time 3,000 baht or more (depending on the treatment area). Treatment of blemishes, freckles, inflamed acne, redness from acne, redness from capillaries, along with adjusting the skin condition to make the face white and clear. smoother skin And reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation as a side effect of other laser treatments.

“Innovative lifting, tightening, adjusting facial shape, filling wrinkles of age. slimming Reduce excess fat”

Ultra Deep Titer

– It is a tool that uses MMFU (Micro & Macro Focused Ultrasound) technology, which is the latest technology developed in the HIFU (Focused Ultrasound) group, which is accepted in the dermatological community as a technology that helps to lift and tighten as well. By relying on the transmission of small energy waves to gather at a specified depth. which can lift and tighten up to the SMAS layer, which is the skin layer at the same level as the face lift surgery Makes the sagging skin look firmer and firm up more flexible The skin looks radiant and bright. Responding to the beauty of those who have problems sagging skin double chin problem There is a layer of excess fat under the chin and cheeks. Sagging skin around the neck, chest, upper arms, thighs, abdomen and also helps reduce excess fat. effectively slimming without surgery no recovery After treatment can return to rest or can work normally immediately and make the skin full and firm for about 6-12 months

Treatment method

– Before treatment, an anesthetic must be applied. Takes about 1 hour - 1 hour and a half to make.

Symptoms after

– The skin in the treated area may have a slight redness, swelling, tightness and firmness. Makeup can be applied normally.

Service charge

– Starting at 15,000 – 80,000 baht depending on the location and area treated


– It is a laser machine with a Pulse dye laser giving a wavelength of 585 nm and an Nd :YAG lasergiving a wavelength of 1,064 the same machine. Both of these types of lasers work synergistically (Multiplex Technology) to help correct skin problems from abnormal blood vessels. and stimulates the production of collagen resulting in better treatment results The lesion faded.

Highlights in the treatment

– Broken capillaries around the face (Telangiectasia)Face is red from abnormally enlarged capillaries (Rosacea)

- Those who have problems with thin skin, red skin steroid-addicted skin

– Red bumps caused by abnormalities of the blood vessels (Angiomas)

- capillary tumors (Hemangiomas)

– Red birthmarks (Salmon Patch, Port wine stains)

- Wrinkles around the eyes and face (Wrinkle)

– Reduce large pores and tighten skin

– Inflamed acne and redness from acne

– pitted scars

– Reduce and prevent scars from injury or after surgery (Prescar)

- Raised scars from injuries or after surgery (Hypertrophic scar)

– Keloid scars (Keloid)

– Bruising after surgery ()

– Remove hair all over the body

– Warts (Warts)

– Nail fungus (Tinea unguium)

Treatment method

– Continue the treatment every 2-8 weeks depending on the type of problem.

Symptoms after

– The treated area may be slightly red or swollen for about 24 hours and can wear makeup as usual.

Service charge

– Inflammatory acne treatment starting at 2,000 baht/time*

– Treatment of red birthmarks or enlarged veins starting at 3,000 baht/time*

– Scar treatment starting at 2,000 baht/time*

– Reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, clear face, starting at 3,000 baht/time* (depending on the treated area)

– Hair removal starts at 3,000 baht/time* (depending on the location and area treated)

create new skin cells collagen stimulation Fill scars, acne holes, smaller pores smoother face

Laser FX

– Laser Fx or Erbium Glass Fractional Laser is a technology to create new skin. By firing ultra-narrow beam laser into many tiny dots on the skin. By leaving most of the skin to help support the creation of new skin to replace the damaged parts. can gradually restore the skin condition and reduce the risk of side effects in treatment Therefore, it is useful in restoring the skin, treating wrinkles, deep grooves, scar holes, stretch marks, dullness and large pores. With the innovative SEMI-ABLATIVE FRACTIONAL LASER, it can perform treatment without opening the wound. without cutting, piercing, destroying the skin like other types of lasers but use the absorption principle energy transfer causing dry skin cells to die without falling off immediately Old cells will transform into dead cells. which will be shed off within 1-2 weeks and create new cells to replace able to go to work as usual with minimal maintenance, such as avoiding the sun Irritants and general impurities

Highlights of LaserFX

– The flakes are so small that they are hard to notice. and completely fall off in 3-7 DAY

– Swelling and redness are very rare and occur only 20 minutes before the scheduled time. – 2 hours.

– Suitable for all skin tones

– Able to see changes since the first treatment

Treatment method

– Before treatment, the skin must be prepared by applying anesthetic for about 30-45 minutes, while the time required for laser shooting is about 5-20 minutes, depending on the area of treatment. The interval between treatments is 4-6 weeks / times, about 3-5 times continuously.

Symptoms after

– After the treatment, the skin will be pink like being exposed to the sun for about 2-3 days, which is a normal process of treatment. New skin cells are generated immediately within 24 hours and continue for several weeks. In the beginning, the old skin cells that have not been exfoliated will cause the skin to have a darker color. so it looks like dull skin When the old skin cells fall off, it takes 5-10 days to replace them with beautiful and healthy new skin cells.

Service charge

– Starting at 2,000 baht/time depending on the treated area

High power laser to cut polyps, sebaceous glands, tumors, moles and fleas, small incisions, quick recovery.

Carbon Dioxide Laser (CO2 Laser)

– Treatment of polyps, warts, fleas, moles, sebaceous glands, freckles, stone pimples, tumors on the face, neck and body, fat pads around the eyes It uses a high energy laser. able to stop bleeding Used to cut polyps, sebaceous glands, tumors, moles and fleas. which takes time to recover quickly Relatively small incision suitable for all ages

Treatment method

– Before treatment, anesthetic or local anesthesia must be applied. and there will be a wound for about 5 -10 days

Symptoms after

– Swelling, redness and a slight soreness within 24 hours, the wound will gradually become superficial. It takes at least 10-15 days to heal the wound depending on the depth of the wound.

Service charge

– Prices start at 2,000 baht / time depending on the number of lesions treated.

Fill deep wrinkles, tighten the skin, enhance the physiognomy, adjust the shape of the face, naturally beautiful.

Filler (Filler)

Fill deep wrinkles, lift skin, enhance physiognomy, adjust face shape, natural beauty, skin fillers reduce wrinkles, deep grooves and wrinkles on the face. such as the nose, chin, under the eyes, tears, cheeks, cheeks, lips, corners of the mouth to plump up the filleror fillers Contains hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid) to fill the skin, reduce wrinkles, deep grooves, and various wrinkles on the face. Filler injections focus on adding volume at various points such as the nose, chin, under the eyes, tear grooves, and cheeks. Cheek grooves, lips, corners of the mouth to be plump. The doctor will inject filler directly into the area that needs filling. After injecting filler, you will see results immediately. and will last for a long time The duration that the filler lasts is approximately 6-18 months per 1 injection, depending on the type of filler and the injection site. Including practice after injection, such as drinking a lot of water Avoid extreme heat such as saunas, frequent hot showers, etc.

Suitable for

1) with acne scars

2) People with deep wrinkles, such as under-eye grooves, under-nose grooves, cheek grooves, corners of the mouth

3) People who want to adjust the face shape to be naturally beautiful with dimensions to enhance the physiognomy such as filling the temples, filling the cheeks, adding the cheekbones. Fill the lips with plumpness. Add a drop of water to the tip of the nose and augment the nose to make it prominent. beautiful natural look

4) Chin augmentation for those who want to adjust the face shape to be slender and beautiful as a V Shape.V Shape)

5) Those who want to lift and tighten sagging skin all over the face or fill the skin and reduce wrinkles on the back of the hand

6) Suitable for those who do not want surgery but want natural beauty

Service charge

– Depending on the amount of drug injected The doctor will be the initial assessment.

reduce wrinkles Adjust the shape of the face, reduce the jaw, rejuvenate the face. reduce calf muscles Reduce sweating in armpits, palms

Botox (Botox)

– Solve the problem of wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows, crow's feet, reduce the jaw, adjust the shape of the small face, lift the eyebrows, lift the corners of the eyes, lift the face to be firm. Lift and tighten the muscles around the neck and chin. Rejuvenate the face (Face lift) Adjust the corners of the mouth to enhance a charming smile. Adjust the nostrils to be narrower Reduce excessive sweating on the palms and armpits, reduce body odor, and reduce calves.

Suitable for 

1) with wrinkles on the face, forehead (Horizontal Forehead Lines),(glabellar frown lines),eyes (Crow’s Feet),nose (Bunny Lines),wrinkles around the mouth (Perioral Lip Lines),corners Mouth (Marionette Lines),Neck Bands (Neck Bands),Popply Chin (Popply Chin)

2)who want to adjust the face shape to be slender and beautiful as a V Shape (V Shape)

3) who want to lift and tighten the skin all over the face raised eyebrows lift the corners of the eyes (Browlift/Shaping) and lift the corner of the mouth up

4) who want to reduce sweat and reduce unwanted odors (Hyperhidrosis)Hyperhidrosis)

5) who want to reduce the jaw (Masseter Hypertrophy)Masseter Hypertrophy)

6) People who want to reduce the calf muscles to be slimmer (Calf Contouring)Calf Contouring)

7) at the enlarged lower eyelid muscles (Hypertrophic Orbicularis)Hypertrophic Orbicularis)

Service charge

– Depending on the amount of drug injected The doctor will be the initial assessment.

Fat bag removal under the eyes with laser (Transconjunctival Laser Blepharoplasty ; TCLB)

“No scars, no bleeding. It takes less time to do surgery.” The problem of fat bags under the eyes It is considered to be a concern for many people, quite a bit. fat bags under the eyes Arising from the wall that supports the bags under the eyes.

Beauty and laser center Ladprao

– Providing surgery for fat bags under the eyes with laser to remove the fat bags under the eyes and strengthening the walls to support bags under the eyes with laser It is a treatment from the inside through the conjunctiva, which has the advantage of not being able to see the wound. and does not cause any scars no bleeding during or after treatment The surgery takes about 30 minutes, causing the wall to support the bags under the eyes to shrink. This is different from the traditional eye bag surgery method. with a wound on the outer lower eyelid injure tissue heavy bleeding and hemorrhage As a result, the lower eyelids are eccentric. It took longer than usual to recover.

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