Computed Tomography and Electromagnetic Resonance Center, Ladprao Hospital

Computed Tomography and Electromagnetic Resonance Center, Ladprao Hospital

– Providing support services for diagnostic radiology and complementary radiotherapy with quality, accuracy, safety, and timeliness according to professional standards. Provide diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy services by a team of radiologists whoIntervention (non vascular) specialist

building 1Providing external and internal patient services 24 hrs.

BUILDING 2 : Serves external and internal patients from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

– in cases requiring medical examination There is a team of radiologists who are specialized in special examinations at Intervention. There is a team of radiologists on call for special examinations to urgently follow the schedule 24 hours a day.

Information on diagnostic radiology services

1) General x-ray : It is a general X-ray of various parts of the body such as Chest / Spine /Skull (Portable)

2) Special Examination : It is a general X-ray of various parts of the body such as Fluoroscopy is examined using a machine Digital fluoroscopyเช่น BE/GI/RP/HSGInjecting contrast medium into a vein to look at kidney function, such as IVP

3) Ultrasound : It is an examination to see abnormalities. using ultrasound equipment such as US.Doppler/ US.Abdomen /US.Lower /US.Small Part (Some items for examination of the patient must be prepared in order to be examined, which for examining the veins must be injected only by a doctor with special expertise).

4) Mammogram : It is an x-ray of the breast and examination. Ultrasound Breast in tandem in the screening program

5) Computed Tomography (CT) : It is a computed tomography examination to see abnormalities such as CT.Abdomen /CT.Chest /CT.Brain A contrast medium may be injected into a vein. (Which must abstain from food and water at least 4-6 hrs.)

6) Intervention : เป็น CT.Multislice (6 slice) is a special examination that requires an appointment with a specialized doctor with direct expertise such as doing Biopsy / FNA / Needle.localization (incision of the breast mass) CNB (Core Needle Biopsy)

7) BMD : It is a test to see bone density. will examine the lumbar spine (Lumbar Spine)and part of the hip (Hip)It is a low radiation examination. That has been standardized by the World Health Organization in terms of measurements in such tools

provide radiation services

– X-ray diagnostic services or other types of radiation To view the organs or parts of the body to diagnose the disease according to the following groups

1) General Radiography : General x-rays such as Chat, Skull, Arm (located both 2building)

2) Fluoroscopy : continuous vision x-ray with an x-ray machine Fluoroscopy such as examination Barium Enema, GI Swallowing powder to examine the duodenum HSG.Contrast injection into the uterine cavity, IPVinjecting contrast medium into a vein to look at kidney function (located both 2building)

3) CT. Scan 6 Slice : able to support the examination of blood vessels CTA get inspection level PE or HRCT (located building 1)

4) Mammogram : It's a breast X-ray. to separate the details of the breast meat lymph nodes which will be done in conjunction with doing Ultrasound breast to confirm screening one more step

5) BMD (Bone Mineral Densitometry) : It measures the density of the bones, hips and spine. by providing radiation that is not very high and bring the values to be analyzed and processed in the computer system based on international standards WHO health organization

6) Ultrasound : It is an examination using high frequency waves. to check for abnormalities of the abdomen Examine the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and look at the blood vessels. which some types of examination must be prepared as follows

– Upper : abstain from water, abstain from food 4-8 hours before examination

– Lower : You don't have to abstain from food and drink, but you have to at least distill urine. 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

– Whole : abstain from food 4-8 hours and must distill the urine for a urine test

– Doppler : It is an appointment to see a specialist doctor. Some organs must abstain from water and food.

7) Intervention (Non Vascular) : Diagnosis and treatment along with each examination, such as

– Biopsy – Liver, Lung, breathing

– FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration)

– Core Needle Biopsy

Every examination requires an appointment with a specialist doctor only.

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