Ladprao Hospital Dental Center We have a team of specialist doctors to provide dental services. fully integrated with modern technology.

Treatment standards that focus on cleanliness, safety and speed for your strong oral health, our services.

1.General dentistry. : Diagnostic services, treatment plans, XRAY, treatment for plaque, tooth extraction services.

2.Dentistry, oral surgery. : Provides incisor, incisor teeth in case of an accident in the mouth and jaw joint.

3.Orthdontic Dentistry. : Provides services for correcting dental complications, protruding teeth, spacing teeth, and various abnormal dental contact.

4.Endodontic Dentistry. : It provides a treatment for the removal of plaque in the tooth cavity and the root canal where it is infected.

5.Cosmetic dentistry. : Tooth whitening, gap-blocking, veneer, gum trimming.

6.Periodontal Dentistry. : To replace lost natural teeth.

7.Artificial dentistry. : To replace lost natural teeth.

8.Pediatric Dentistry. : It provides braces, tooth extraction, fluoride coating, denture coating, root treatment, baby tooth cover, baby tooth arrangement.

9.Prosthodontics Dentistry. : Detachable dentures, braces, dental floss, dental floss.

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