Woman’s body is delicate and complicated; Women's Health Center, Ladprao Hospital so emphasizes on special woman healthcare. We are pleased to provide services for woman at every age in comprehensive manner as well as diagnosis, prevention and treatment of woman’s diseases, prenatal service and delivery along with infertility issue. On top of that, we also give advices about treatment for menopause women or golden age by expert physicians and professional nurses with modern and updated medical apparatus.

Ladprao Hospital provides comprehensive service for woman health care in various clinics such as

1. Childbirth Clinic providing prenatal service and delivery including


- Giving advices about preparation before pregnant as well as medical check-up before pregnant
- Giving advices for couples that have infertility issues

During Pregnancy

- Examining diseases and abnormality of mother and baby
- Checking to assess baby condition with both 2D and 4D ultrasound machine
- Diagnosis abnormalities of chromosome such as Down Syndrome
- Checking and diagnosing Thalassemia
- Giving advices about delivery alternatives such as natural delivery, operation as well as sterilization and appendectomy.

During Delivery

- Taking care of delivery with experienced doctor and nurse team and 24-hour assistance with modern equipment and technology.
- Taking care of newborn baby with expert pediatrician team
- Giving advices about preparation for breast milk feeding and consulting about milk feeding issues


- Following up post-delivery condition periodically
- Checking for cervical cancer
- Giving advices about contraception and family planning

2. Gynecology clinic providing service of examination and treatment for non-pregnant woman healthcare such as

- Abdominal pain, menstrual dysfunction, leucorrhea and sexually transmitted diseases
- Screening cervical cancer and ovarian cancer
- Operating to treat gynecological diseases and vulvar cancer with open abdominal surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

3. Menopause age clinic includes

- Taking care of and giving advices about healthcare and appropriate demeanor during menopause as well as treating abnormalities such as menopause symptoms, hormonal replacement therapy, Pelvic relaxation and urinary incontinence.
- Analyzing osteoporosis with bone densitometer

4. Infertility clinic includes

- Providing services of analyzing and finding causes of infertility and proper treatment

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