Heart disease with the elderly.

  • Heart disease with the elderly.

  • Why should we pay attention to heart disease?

    1) When looking at the current cause of death, it has changed from communicable to non-communicable. The three main disease pathologies are diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, which are the beginnings of most heart disease.

    2) If it is heart disease, it can be life-threatening, so special care is needed.

    What age is it called an elderly person?

    – 60 - 65 years of age.

    How is heart disease in the elderly different from other people?

    1) Elderly people tend to have multiple organ degeneration. And it is the accumulation of various diseases, all diseases that we have not controlled well from the beginning, making the symptoms more severe. have a lot of co-morbidities.

    2) This makes it more difficult to treat one disease that may affect another. And late treatment at the end of life often doesn't work as well as in younger people. or just recently.

    What are some common heart diseases in older people??

    Seven main diseases are myocardial infarction, heart valve, arrhythmia, heart failure, high pressure, diabetes, fat, etc. (These causes are the root causes of disease, including deterioration of the body.)

    What are the symptoms that should be examined?

    1) Have a fit of fatigue.

    2) Have a tight fit in one's chest.

    3) Have palpitations.

    4) Have fainting, unconsciousness.

    5) Swelling.

    What kind of tests do hospitals have on heart disease?

    1) ask for a resume

    2) A physical examination.

    3) Basic handcrafting ECG: Echoestimabylaser to special cactus mitralaser heart failure

    How to prevent and take care of yourself away from the following 5 heart problems:

    1) Food to Avoid Avoid salty food Avoid greasy food. Avoid salty-sweet foods. Avoid fermented foods. vert a drink, liquor, &c.
    Edible food: Focus on vegetables, unsweetened fruits, nuts, lean meat, fish, etc.

    2) Drugs need to be taken continuously. You need to know what's the cure. Which drugs can treat the symptoms. If you remember the name of the wooden pill, you should take a picture.

    3) Stay away from cigarettes. Quit smoking for about 2 years. It will be good for the heart. Quit smoking for about 15 years. The risk rate is the same as normal people. Drugs, painkillers, sick people. Preventable diseases must be vaccinated to prevent.

    4) Exercise at least 30 minutes five times a week, such as walking, running, yoga. , Stretch your legs, shake your arms, keep moving. Sleep can also lift your legs.

    5) You should get enough sleep for at least 7 hours or 6-10 hours.

    Who should have a heart health checkup other than the elderly?

    1) Every age range and age 30 – 35 years old should be checked first, take good care of the beginning, and make the life expectancy longer.

    2) Get more exercise.

    3) Eating food is more valuable to yourself.

    4) Take more prescribed medications, not to be deprived, to be consistent and on time away from what's causing us to lose health problems.

    5) Have a good mood and keep checking your health regularly because if detected before it can be treated in time.

    By Dr. Pakorn Loh Secretary, a specialist in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

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