Orthopedic Center Ladprao Hospital
Providing bone, muscle, nerve and joint disease treatment services for patients of all ages. by a team of orthopedic surgeons with specific expertise Anesthesiologist team and a multidisciplinary team consisting of experienced nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists with modern technology For the diagnosis or planning of orthopedic treatment accurately and accurately.

both consulting services Bone health checkup, diagnosis and treatment plan for those suffering from bone and joint pain, muscle pain, fracture treatment with cast, iron splint surgery, suture to repair torn ligaments, along with special medical examinations. Nervous system and muscles by electricity (Electromyography) analyzes the movement. posture and gait
to assess the performance of daily activities and promoting health, giving advice on how to look after and rehabilitate the body after surgery
Our Orthopedic Center includes several medical units to meet patient needs:
– General orthopedic examination.
– Treatment of patients suffering from bone accidents, fractures and fractures, dislocations, tendon, muscle and nerve injuries.
– Treatment or surgery for knee joints, laparoscopic shoulder joints and caring for patients with sports injuries.
– Treatment or surgery on the spine.
– Treatment or surgery for knee and hip replacement.
– Treatment or surgery for osteoporosis.
– Special treatment or surgery on the hand and wrist.
– Specialized treatment or surgery on the feet and ankles.
– Treatment or surgery for patients with bone tumors.
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Orthopedic Center Medical Excellence Center Building (Building 3), 4th Floor
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