HEALTH SCREENING CENTER Health Screening Center, Ladprao Hospital provides one-stop medical checkup service covering all target groups. We are ready to provide services and responds to everyone’s need. As belows

• Annual medical checkup.

• Premarital checkup.

• Pre-insurance checkup.

• Pre-employment checkup.

• Checkup for studying abroad.

• Elderly checkup.

• Special checkup program such as screening heart diseases and hypertension, diabetes, cancer, liver diseases and premenopause&menopause checkup.

Preparation for medical checkup

General instructions

• Health checkup takes more than 2 hours depend on selected program.

• The patient should abstain from food and drinks not less than 12 hours before checkup.

• The patients should bring national ID card or passport for registration before appointment time at least 10 minutes early.

• The patients should take enough rest.

• If you have underlying diseases or other medical record, please bring the examination results from the physician and medications to the hospital to support diagnosis.

• If you are taking antihypertensive medication, you may continue takeing it as prescibed by the doctor.

• Please abstain from drinking alcohol at least 24 hours before checkup

In case of X-ray or Upper GI endoscopy

• Please abstain from food, all kind of drinks at least 12 hours before checkup

In case of Exercise Stress Test

• Please bring the sneakers

• If you need to have meal before checkup, you should take only light meal, please avoid oily food, caffeine and alcohol.

• If you are in the middle of treatment or medications, please inform the nurse before checkup

Suggestion for abdomen ultrasound

• For clearest examination result of lower abdomen ultrasound checking, please drink lots of water and hold urination for 1-2 hours before checkup

• For Upper abdomen ultrasound, please abstain from water and food for 9-10 hours before checkup.

What is medical checkup and how it is important?

        Usually, we have differences on the definition of medical checkup such as complaining of backache or chest pain etc. This is not called checkup it is consultion with the doctor to find causes of that symptom or disease.

        Medical checkup is to prevent future potential diseases . People who are suitable with the checkup include healthy people or those who have potential disease symptom and need to get suggestion for prevent the disease. For example, when they have medical checkup and the result high cholesterol and not feel any symptom, Doctor will adivice for adjust their consumption behavior and exercise regularly to prevent arteriosclerosis etc.

Why should we have checkup?

        Good health is what everyone desires. So, we should have medical checkup at least once a year for realize healthiness and strength of the body. Furthermore, it also supports diagnosis of some diseases in initial stage that have not shown symptoms such as diabetes, hypertension etc. Annual medical checkup helps to handle for future disease. To select what to check depends on age, gender, occupation, background of family members and physical condition at that time. You can select checkup program rely on suggestion by the doctor or by yourself

What does checkup include?

        General medical checkup includes taking medical history, physical exam, and check lab such as blood, urine and X-ray etc. The scale of checkup depends on age group, gender, risk factor from the patient or history of family or natures of occupation. You can ask for more advices or program to support yours checkup.

Benefit of medical checkup

        Medical checkup is entirely beneficial especially seeking of risk factors for future diseases to prevent and relieve. Treatment before disease can eliminate initial stage of diseases such as cancer.

• Risk factors of diseases are various such as food and behavior affect as follows,

-High-oily food causing high blood cholesterol and triglyceride leading to coronary heart disease or stroke.

- Eating spicy&sour food or untimely causing gastritis or peptic ulcer.

- Drinking alcohol can lead to pancreatitis, alcoholism, cirrhosis, liver cancer as well as accidents.

- Irregular exercise and physical activity is a cause of obesity leading to diabetes, high blood fat, fatty liver disease, hepatitis in the future

• Lab test result can detects risk factor,diseases. For example, pre-employment x-ray of lungs shows calcification spots in lung it means that patient has tuberculosis or lung cancer. For TB, This disease can be contagious to family members and colleagues.

• Premarital blood test: To detect if erythrocytes are abnormal or anemia is present. Some people are carrier of thalassemia that can be inherited to children. Furthermore, blood test also shows other sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, venereal disease and HIV.

• Liver dysfunction or hepatitis virus is found

• Stool exam : To detect that red blood cells in stool. Should do colonoscopy, colon cancer is common found. If it is initial stage, it is good prognosis.

• Vaccination : They are a part of health care for prevention according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Though vaccination has led to a dramatic decline in the number of cases of several infectious diseases, outbreaks etc . Vaccination is safe and effective.Vaccination protects others you care about, including family members, friends etc

• Bone density: To check osteoporosis that can cause bone fracture in the future.

• Pre-menopause Examination

          We can find in health checkup for focus prevention, advices to avoid risk activities or consumption behavior that may cause diseases. For good health care forever.

Description of Checkup lists

        These lists are in our checkup package and following details can create understanding about annual checkup and health condition assessment. In case of abnormalities, you may take more specific checkup or repeat it to assess such issues. Nevertheless, it depends on results of examination.

Note: These lists are identified in checkup package only, Checkup center, Ladprao Hospital also provides many kinds of checkup not identified here.

1. Vital sign and physical examination

Searching for abnormal of blood pressure and basic abnormalities such as pulse rate, breathing ,body temperature measurement. And body mass index(BMI) will be calculated for diagnosis obesity.

2. Blood Examination

- Complete Blood Count (CBC): It is examine for finding abnormalities of blood contents such as erythrocytes, leucocyte, platelet and blood morphology which can indicate blood disease, anemia or immunity of body.

- Blood sugar test: It is find in diabetes, impaired fasting glucose and risk factor of diabetes

- Blood lipid test: It is measure level cholesterol, triglyceride,HDL,LDL to identify risk of cardiovascular diseases.

- Gout (Uric Acid): To measure level of uric acid in blood to diagnose Gout.

3. Kidney function

- BUN: (Blood Urea Nitrogen): It is measure waste of protein metabolism which indicates waste excretion capacity of kidney.

- Creatinine: It can indicate kidney function. Elevated creatinine level signifies impaired kidney disease. BUN-to-creatinine ratio generally provides more precise information about kidney function.

4. Liver Function Test

- SGOT (AST) and SGPT (ALT): These tests are check liver enzyme in blood. If the result is abnormal, it may indicate some liver diseases such as alcoholic hepatitis or viral hepatitis.

- Alkaline phosphatase (ALP): If this enzyme is high that indicate obstruction of liver,gallbladder and bone.

- Albumin, Globulin: It is examination to indicate various diseases of liver such as liver diseases, kidney-related diseases, malnutrition etc

- Gamma GT (GGT): It is examination to check for liver and gallbladder abnormalities that can be found from alcohol drinking and infection, inflammation.

- Thyroid-stimulating hormones (TSH) and T3&T4: It is examination to indicate issues of thyroid gland such as over-functioning or under-functioning.

- hepatitis B and C virus test : It is examination to diagnosis acute or chronic hepatitis B and C infection.

5. Antigen check

- Carcinoembryonic Antigen(CEA): It is examination to screen risks of gastrointestinal cancer from blood samples. Higher result than normal does not always indicate cancer; the patient should be additionally examined with endoscopy.

- Alpha- fetoprotein (AFP): The examination to screen risk of liver cancer from blood samples. The result that is higher than normal does not always indicate cancer and the patient should be additionally examined with abdominal ultrasound

- Prostate-specific antigen (PSA): It is examination to screen risk of prostate cancer from blood. The result that is higher than normal does not always indicate cancer. the patient should be benign prostate hypertrophy

6. Urine test

- General examination to diagnose urinary tract diseases and kidney diseases such as kidney stone and urinary tract infection.

7. Feces Examination

- It is to look for ailment and abnormalities of gastrointestinal tract such as intestinal infection, upper or lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

8. (EKG)

- Electrocardiogram (EKG): The test to evaluate heart disease such as ischemic heart disease, abnormal pulse,pericarditis and risk of heart failure. •Find the cause of unexplained chest pain, dizziness, syncope, palpitation, shock.

- Exercise Stress test (EST) and Echocardiogram: The test of heart function to look for the condition of coronary heart disease, valvular heart disease etc

9. Examination with radiography

- Lung X-Ray: Lung X-ray is used to look for chest abnormalities such as heart size, lung diseases and ribs fracture as well as screening risks of tuberculosis.

- Abdominal ultrasound: It is divided upper and lower abdomen Upper: It is effective to finding size and abnormalities of abdominal organs such as liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas,kidney , abdominal aorta , Lymph node etc Lower: It is used for examine uterus and ovary of women and prostate gland in men.

- Breast check with Digital Mammogram and ultrasound: It is examination for breast cancer and other abnormalities of breast.

10. Pelvic exam and Pap smea

It is examine pelvic floor to search for genital abnormalities (vagina, cervix, uterus, ovary and adnexa) , pregnancy .And also to check abnormalities of cervical cells and possibility of woman’s cancer and infection. •Let your doctor know if you’re menstruating because it may affect your results.

11. Eye Checkup (Eyesight and eye pressure measurement)

- It is nor mal health checkup for short-eyesight, long-eyesight and glaucoma

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