Internal medicine center Ladprao Hospital

There is a readiness to provide medical examination and treatment services for internal medicine patients. From acute illnesses to chronic illnesses with the use of modern medicines and medical tools in diagnosis as well as disease prevention and health promotion. And if the initial diagnosis is made, it is necessary to send the patient to receive specific treatment for that disease. To provide quality care to patients according to professional standards.

Service and expert physicians

1. General medicine
Providing medical examination and consultation services to patients From all the expertise of internists who have experience in treating patients with problems in various diseases that require special care both treatment and health care Prophylaxis recommends annual health checks that are appropriate for the patient. various vaccinations Medication to promote health.

2. Endocrine and Diabetes Clinic
Providing diagnosis and treatment services related to diabetes which is assessed for various complications It is important to treat diabetes early detection of the disorder. This makes it possible to prevent and correct various complications. promptly

3. Nephrlogy clinic
Providing diagnosis and treatment services related to kidney disease and detection of kidney abnormalities such as kidney stones, chronic nephritis, acute renal failure. Correction of electrolyte abnormalities, etc., available at the Hemodialysis Center. (Hemodialysis Unit) provides comprehensive and modern care for chronic renal failure patients to acute intravenous dialysis.

4. Hematology Clinic
Providing examination and treatment services related to giving advice and counseling for hematological diseases Diagnosis and treatment of common blood diseases giving advice Thalassemia consultation Blood cancer is diagnosed by bone marrow examination. Provide services to patients who need to receive blood fluids and blood components.

5. Infectious disease medicine.
Providing examination and treatment services related to bacterial infections, Virus, Providing examination and treatment services related to bacterial infections., malaria, AIDS including domestic tropical diseases such as malaria.

6. Rheumatology clinic
Providing treatment services related to patients with acute arthritis, degenerative joints such as knee, hip, ankle, osteoporosis Including patients with joint inflammation from various causes such as autoimmune disease (SLE), gout, rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Respiratory Disease.
Provide diagnostic services and treat lung disease, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, asthma by a general pulmonary medicine physician.

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