NEUROLOGY CENTER Neurology Center, Ladprao Hospital is ready to provide services and care with diagnosing neurological diseases by focusing on finding causes of diseases and treatment with modern technology as well as preventing recurrence and rehabilitating patients so that they can have better life quality or close to normal condition.

Our services cover treatment and diagnosis of neurological diseases including

• Headaches
• Migraine
• Vertigo
• Stroke
• Epilepsy /seizure
• Movement Disorder & Parkinson’s Disease
• Neuralgia
• Sleep Disorders
• Neuromuscular diseases such as muscle strain and myasthenia gravis
• Dementia
• Neuropathy such as carpal tunnel syndrome

        NEUROLOGY CENTER Neurology center, Ladprao Hospital provides services of analyzing diseases with modern medical apparatus such as brain computer, nerve conduction velocity measuring unit by specialists such as neurologist, neurosurgeon and rehabilitation medicine etc.

        Neurology center contains special disease clinics including

        1. Headache Clinic: We have methods to screen types of headache and modern technology for diagnosis to support analyzing problems directly to the point so that patients will receive accurate, precise and quick treatment.

        2. Epilepsy Clinic: We provide services of examining and treating patients with epilepsy by specialists and giving advices when patients have epilepsy or suspicious symptoms so that patients will receive advices suitable for condition to reduce risks of potential harms during seizure.

3. Vertigo Clinic: We provide services for patients with vertigo, dizziness, ringing in ears or tinnitus with holistic treatment including demeanor and treatment with medications.

        4. Stroke Clinic : We are ready to provide cares for patients with stroke by interdisciplinary physician team and specialists in brain disease, paralysis and palsy, nurse team, physical therapists, nutritionist, psychic therapists and pharmacists to take care of patients and to educate relatives when patients can go back home for further recovery.

        5. Parkinson’s disease Clinic : We provide care and treatment of diseases related to abnormal physical movement covering too slow movement such as Parkinson's Disease which is highly found in the society especially in elder group.

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